Summer Landscaping to Beat the Memphis Heat

by Johnny Adelmamn

Summer heat will leave you dripping with sweat and brimming with discomfort if left unchecked. We might be almost into September, but you know that Memphis heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! So don’t let the sun’s unjust punishment reign over your own property when plenty of options exist for cooling your yard, opening it up for all kinds of summer fun and relaxation. Here are four landscaping options that’ll have you leaned back in the shade, sipping a tall glass of iced tea in no time:


Summer Landscaping in MemphisA good pergola provides the same functional benefits of a gazebo while boasting more versatility of style and, often, a more reasonable price-tag. Most come with removable textile roofs to provide comprehensive shade when needed, and easy storage without disassembly of the entire pergola structure. This allows you to keep the pergola up year-round without worrying about it getting rained on or taken away in the wind. Also, we think they just look cool.

Reasonably-priced models with styles to fit almost any yard abound.

Summer Landscaping in MemphisShade Trees

Okay, so planting a shade tree might not give you immediate relief, but your future self will definitely thank present you for planting a nice poplar or oak. Nuttall, or pin oaks, are said to be the fastest growing oak trees and provide an expansive, luscious canopy ripe for sitting under on hot August days. They thrive in Memphis’s climate, so they’ll grow fast and strong with proper care. Also, they look wonderful, with outstretched limbs swathed in deep-green leaves that turn to a burning red in the fall.

Awninged Patios

Summer Landscaping in MemphisPatios are the king of features when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Imagine cooking out with a group of close friends, all gathered around the grill enjoying cold drinks and a breeze. This can’t really happen without an awning to provide some respite from the sun. There’re tons of options at all kinds of price points, so an awinged patio is certainly something to be considered!


The previous summer-beating solutions are meant to shield you from the sun, but a pool’s a different animal entirely. I don’t have to explain how fun a pool is for most everyone; it’s a destination that provides both entertainment and relaxation in one. What many people don’t realize is that they can actually be an asset in terms of landscaping. An above- or in-ground pool with a bit of shrubbery and/or rockwork can really turn
your backyard into a summer true oasis.

Summer Landscaping in MemphisWith some ideas in mind about great summer landscaping, you can consider what options work best for your own space and budget. None of these solutions have to be bank-breaking, but they’ll all provide as much escape as the summer is long. We’re happy to help, so give us a call at (901) 343-6400.

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5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Memphis Curb Appeal

by Johnny Adelmamn

5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Memphis Curb Appeal

When selling a house in the Memphis area, you’ll be competing to be seen amidst the well-manicured lawns of swanky midtown neighborhoods. While this can certainly be intimidating for anyone selling a property, it’s important to note that landscaping is well worth the time and effort when considering your return on investment. One Virginia Tech study showed that a yard with a “sophisticated design”–in other words, great Memphis curb appeal–can increase the value of a home by up to 42%.

Improving Your Memphis Curb Appeal

Contrary to what you might think, a sophisticated landscape doesn’t have to break the bank and can be achieved with a few simple techniques. These 5 things can dramatically improve your Memphis curb appeal.

1. Greenery

Potential homebuyers want to be able to identify with your property, but nobody wants to spend hours every week maintaining a needy landscape. Because of this, the face of your home needs to have a magnetic personality without too much upkeep. A few simple changes—the addition of shrubbery and low-maintenance flowers, along with the trimming or removal of overhanging trees—can go a long way towards creating impressive Memphis curb appeal that attracts buyers.

2. Trees, Trees, and More Trees

A nice, shady tree does wonders in regards to increasing the resale value of your home. Real estate agents almost universally agree that good landscaping can help you seal a sale faster, and planting trees is one of the simplest ways to achieve this! A few good shade trees can help boost the value of your home by up to 28%, according to John Harris, a leading landscape economist.

3. Fresh Sod

Dark, rich sod can give any garden a healthy look. Besides the obvious benefit it’ll provide for your plants, the deep color provides a great contrast to your lawn and flowers. It’s as easy as heading to the nearest hardware store to add a great undertone to your home’s landscape.

4. Flowers and Shrubbery Around the Mailbox

For most properties the mailbox is the closest thing to the street, so there’s a great chance it’ll be noticed even before the home you’ve been working hard on. A mailbox that accents your home’s style—or simply planting a classic jet black one—will have potential buyers envisioning themselves receiving their own mail at their brand new home. Also important to consider is the area directly surrounding the mailbox; flowers and other greenery can work wonders in adding a touch of sophistication.

5. Accent the Porch

A few inexpensive rocking chairs or benches on the front porch can work wonders. By picking out a common accent color and rolling with it, you’ll be able to tie everything together into a cohesive composition. Don’t be afraid to be bold here; if you don’t like the way a certain piece of furniture turned out, you can always use it elsewhere. Succulents and other plants look great here, too.

With these simple techniques, you’ll leave everyone who’s laid eyes on your home with a great, lasting impression. By allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living amongst the thoughtful handiwork, you’ll drastically increase the probability of an outcome featuring two happy parties.

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Why Skipping Backflow Testing Is So Dangerous

by Johnny Adelmamn

Why Skipping Backflow Testing Is So DangerousBackflow testing is, like so many preventative measures, perhaps unexciting but incredibly important. Without regular backflow testing, drinking water can become contaminated, resulting in water that’s, at best, unusable and, at worst, dangerous.

1. What is backflow?

What is backflow and how can it be dangerous? Simply put, backflow is the unwanted reversal of the flow of water. The flow goes back to its origins, rather than continuing to its intended destination. Backflow is dangerous because it can allow drinking water to become contaminated.

2. What is a backflow preventer?

Knowing the danger of backflow, it’s important to prevent this potential contamination. A backflow preventer is a mechanical plumbing device installed in a plumbing system that simply prevents water from flowing backwards. When installed correctly, regularly tested and maintained, a backflow preventer can reliably prevent contamination of water due to backflow.

3. What is backflow testing?

Backflow testing is simply testing a backflow preventer to verify its operation. A backflow preventer is a mechanical device, and, like all mechanical devices, will eventually fail. The test itself is very simple. Every testable backflow preventer has built-in test ports to allow for easy annual testing. All water downstream of the backflow preventer must be turned off in order to perform the test. A technician will then connect and run a test kit to the backflow preventer to verify its operation. Simple as that.

4. Why is backflow testing so important?

The presence of backflow might not be detected until it’s too late–until contaminated water has been consumed! This is why skipping backflow testing can be so dangerous. Most states and counties list backflow testing requirements in their plumbing codes, so it’s important to check on your local requirements. However, testing yearly is good practice to prevent backflow and possible contamination.

5. What is the backflow preventer failure rate?

Many elements impact the lifespan of a backflow preventer device, such as regularity of use, water pressure, water quality, and environment. When tested, about 5% of devices will display a problem, but most problems are simple. Simple problems can be due to cut seals, broken springs, or worn O-rings, whereas more serious problems, such as shattered poppets or cracked castings, are typically caused by exposure to freezing temperatures.

6. Do I have to be present for the test?

As long as the backflow preventer is outside, you do not have to be present for the test. Of course, if the preventer is inside, we’ll need someone to let us in!

To book an appointment for backflow testing with Memphis Landscape, call us at (901) 343-6400.

Should I Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service?

by Johnny Adelmamn

professional lawn care service | Memphis lawn service | Memphis Landscape

In today’s “do-it-yourself” homeowner culture, it’s common for many people to think taking care of their lawn themselves will save them money and be the more rewarding choice over hiring a professional lawn care service. But realistically, that isn’t always the case.

Here at Memphis Landscape, we want you to reap the benefits of the most beautiful lawn possible for your time and money. So in this blog post, we’re discussing the various reasons that you should hire a professional lawn care service like us to maintain your yard for you.

Save Money on Lawn Care Equipment

As far saving money goes, this is one of the biggest benefits to hiring a lawn care service. The money you save by not having to purchase tools and equipment and service or replace them if they break, can be spent on the lawn service itself. What’s more, professional lawn care services have some special tools and fertilizers that aren’t even sold to the public.

Get Expert Opinions for Your Lawn

Members of a professional lawn crew are used to dealing with plant problems and grass issues, and they’re trained in various treatments for any ailing portions of your yard. They know about different types of grass and shrubs, as well as how certain weather conditions and seasons affect your yard, and they have the knowledge and skillful technique to apply the proper care.

There’s no need to spend time studying up on every detail of your yard and experimenting with trial and error when you can hire a professional lawn care service that will know exactly what to do, and can recognize problems early enough to solve them before they escalate and spread throughout your yard.

Besides resolving issues, a professional lawn service can also provide high quality landscape design to make your yard look well-planned, neatly groomed and impressive overall.

Take Back Your Saturdays

You work hard all week, and you deserve to enjoy your Saturday, or whatever day of the week you have off. Imagine spending your free time with friends and family, and actually having time to enjoy your lawn with a backyard bbq or an afternoon reading on the porch, rather than always spending your time outside working in your yard.

Hiring a professional lawn care service gives you extra time to spend on your hobbies, on other household improvements, or simply on relaxing and rejuvenating for your next work week.

Avoid Allergies, Sunburn and Fatigue

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies to budding trees and plants or excessive pollen and ragweed. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, changing seasons are the times when lawn maintenance and care are especially critical.

In addition to keeping your allergies in check, hiring a professional lawn care service helps you avoid bee stings, bug bites, poison ivy, sunburn, general scrapes and scratches, and the fatigue that comes with leaning over to perform yard work or using heavy lawn care equipment.

Count on Consistency with Professional Lawn Care

Even if you’re on vacation, you’re extraordinarily busy, you’re out of town on business, or you’re sick for a week or two, you can rest assured that your lawn will still be taken care of if you hire professionals for landscape management. Letting your yard go without care for too long will just create more work for you when you do have the time to mow or weed, so it’s in your best interest for your yard to be treated consistently.

Receive Thorough Service from Lawn Professionals

In addition to the fact that the work always gets done if you hire a professional lawn service, you can also count on no spot being left untouched. Even if you do carve a few hours out of your busy schedule to work in the yard, you may not have enough time get to all of the tasks that need to be completed. You may even neglect certain areas of your yard that are more difficult to care for, and eventually they could overgrow or become diseased and start affecting the health of your lawn as a whole.

When you hire a lawn care service, your yard – even the “problem areas” – will always receive the thorough treatment it needs. With a whole team of skilled professionals working on your property, your lawn will be cared for quicker and more efficiently than it would be if you tried to do it all yourself.

Our landscape team doesn’t have to stop at just grass and plants either. When it comes to yards, we see the overall picture and provide solutions to drainage issues, as well as fencing installation and repair.

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service

We know you take pride in your lawn, and you want to contribute to your neighborhood with beautiful landscaping. You shouldn’t have to feel limited by time and resources to get the yard you want. Hiring a professional lawn care service is an investment you can feel good about as a homeowner, and we are committed to achieving results for you.

As your trusted Memphis Landscape team, we will carefully evaluate your yard and assess your needs, then recommend the lawn care services that are right for you and answer any questions you might have. We invite you to contact us for an estimate today!

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Leaf Removal Memphis, TN

by Johnny Adelmamn

Leaf Removal Memphis, TN

With fall upon us leaves are falling and covering your lawn.  Leaf removal is essential to ensuring that your yard stays lush and healthy throughout the fall and winter months. We have several ways to deal with leaves, we can either mulch them back into the yard or we can blow, rake and dispose of the leaves. If you are a current Memphis Landscape client fall Clean-up is not included in our basic service, so please let us know how we need to know how you would like to handle your fall leaf removal.

We can either:

–Mow as usual, mulching the leaves back into the lawn, allowing them to break down naturally.

–Rake and dispose of the leaves. All leaves are hauled off and turned into compost.
If you wish to have either of these services performed, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Don’t forget to ask about our additional services.

  1. Gutter Cleaning
  2. Hedge Trimming
  3. Flower Bed Weeding
  4. Mulching
  5. Brush Removal
  6. Storm Cleanup
  7. Drainage
  8. Irrigation
  9. Fences
  10. If you need a home or lawn service that’s not listed, give us a call.
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Bed/Shrub Maintenance

by Johnny Adelmamn

Are you tired of the constant maintenance that comes along with having nice looking beds and shrubs? Why not let us give you an estimate for maintaining them for you. We offer free estimates and very competitive pricing. Our pruning crews are some of the best in Memphis and will have your yard looking the best it ever has.

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2013 Memphis Most Nomination

by Johnny Adelmamn


Recently Memphis Landscape was nominated for the 2013 Best Landscaper in Memphis. This is a real honor because out of the hundreds of companies in Memphis we are one of the top five! This means a lot to me because when I started Memphis Landscape I had two goals in mind, one to give unmatched customer service and two was to be the type of boss that I would like to work for. I would have never been nominated were it not for a great team of guys working with me.

If you would like to vote for us you can follow this link. Voting is unlimited so feel free to show us some love as much as possible.


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