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Your lawn needs the proper amount of water to survive and flourish, especially in the hot and humid Memphis summers. Rain is a great source of irrigation, but relying solely on rain isn’t quite enough. Your lawn needs water more consistently, and a home irrigation system may be exactly what you need.

An effective, well-designed and properly installed irrigation system is important to both achieving a healthy landscape as well as protecting your landscape investment. At Memphis Landscape, we make sure to stay current with the best sprinkler technologies and practices for all of the products that we use. We educate our team members and are well-versed in all facets of irrigation installation, upgrade, maintenance and repair work and we utilize the newest “smart” technologies to effectively and efficiently manage your irrigation needs.

Whether your landscape requires a few simple irrigation repairs or you need a brand new irrigation system for your property, the Memphis Landscape team brings years of expertise to ensure that you attain the most efficient and effective use of your irrigation system. Also, some tips for maximizing your irrigation system would include:

  • Water the right time of the day. In the mornings, it is cooler outside and the sun isn’t out to evaporate all of the water. Take advantage of this time versus doing it in the afternoons. 
  • Use the right amount of water when you water. Check out numerous spots on your lawn. You want to make sure your irrigation system is evenly distributing water. You shouldn’t see spots that are puddling up. 
  • Check in on your lawn. Look for dry, or brown spots. This could be signaling that your lawn isn’t getting watered evenly. It could also mean that your sprinkler heads aren’t working efficiently.

At Memphis Landscape LLC, we will work very hard to ensure you to feel confident about choosing our team to install your new sprinkler system in a professional, timely manner.



Our services will result in a properly watered lawn and luscious landscape for years to come.

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