We’ve certainly been enjoying all this extra time in our backyards, taking advantage of these warmer days! We’ve kept the grill going and the family outside, and bet you have, too. It seems like we’re in the middle of a never-ending summer here in Memphis, but sooner or later, fall will truly arrive. The fun doesn’t have to end once the weather cools off, though! Adding a fire pit as part of your landscaping will allow you to continue enjoying the use of your backyard all the way into winter.

memphis landscape fire pits professional landscape design memphisWarmth and light

Having a professionally designed fire pit installed by Memphis Landscape will extend the season of your outdoor living area by several months. The flickering light is reminiscent of a campfire, and with cozy seating nearby, you’ll be inviting intimate and relaxed storytelling under the stars. 

Not only that, but fire pits provide warmth, light, and ambiance. They’re also great for s’more making! As a natural gathering spot, fire pits mean you can keep your socializing outdoors. There’s no need to take the party inside when you’ve added a well-placed fire pit as part of your landscaping!

Focal point

Professionally installed fire pits by Memphis Landscape can also serve as an important focal point in your outdoor design. Not only does it draw attention to your backyard space, but when placed where it can be seen from inside, it can be enjoyed from the indoors as well. More bang for your buck, who can argue with that?

Professional installation

Now, we know that it’s entirely possible to buy a pre-made fire pit, or build one yourself. You may be asking yourself what benefits come with hiring professional landscapers to do something you feel like you can DIY pretty easily.

Having Memphis Landscape add a fire pit as part of your landscaping means our experienced team will help you determine

  • the pros and cons of the various fire pit fuel options, including gas, propane, wood, and ethanol
  • the best location for your fire pit, considering factors such as convenience, space, availability, and overall safety
  • the best size for your fire pit, depending on how many people you plan to accommodate and how much room you’ll need for outdoor seating and unrestricted traffic flow
  • how local building codes may impact where you can locate your fire pit as well as when you can use it and what types of wood you can burn
  • the cost ranges for various types of fire pits and how to choose the right style for your budget

Fire pits by Memphis Landscape

At Memphis Landscape, our goal is to maintain a high standard of quality and pride in all of our landscaping projects, taking your unique vision and turning it into an outdoor space you want to show off. Adding a professionally designed and installed fire pit as part of your landscaping will take your backyard from sufficient to showcase!

Our expert knowledge and experience allow us to serve a wide range of clients, from apartment complexes to HOAs and residential backyards. Our crew are capable of designing a beautiful landscape that we can take as much pride in as you will. If you’re interested in fire pits, or any of the other services Memphis Landscape offer, please get in touch with us today!