5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Memphis Curb Appeal

When selling a house in the Memphis area, you’ll be competing to be seen amidst the well-manicured lawns of swanky midtown neighborhoods. While this can certainly be intimidating for anyone selling a property, it’s important to note that landscaping is well worth the time and effort when considering your return on investment. One Virginia Tech study showed that a yard with a “sophisticated design”–in other words, great Memphis curb appeal–can increase the value of a home by up to 42%.

Improving Your Memphis Curb Appeal

Contrary to what you might think, a sophisticated landscape doesn’t have to break the bank and can be achieved with a few simple techniques. These 5 things can dramatically improve your Memphis curb appeal.

1. Greenery

Potential homebuyers want to be able to identify with your property, but nobody wants to spend hours every week maintaining a needy landscape. Because of this, the face of your home needs to have a magnetic personality without too much upkeep. A few simple changes—the addition of shrubbery and low-maintenance flowers, along with the trimming or removal of overhanging trees—can go a long way towards creating impressive Memphis curb appeal that attracts buyers.

2. Trees, Trees, and More Trees

A nice, shady tree does wonders in regards to increasing the resale value of your home. Real estate agents almost universally agree that good landscaping can help you seal a sale faster, and planting trees is one of the simplest ways to achieve this! A few good shade trees can help boost the value of your home by up to 28%, according to John Harris, a leading landscape economist.

3. Fresh Sod

Dark, rich sod can give any garden a healthy look. Besides the obvious benefit it’ll provide for your plants, the deep color provides a great contrast to your lawn and flowers. It’s as easy as heading to the nearest hardware store to add a great undertone to your home’s landscape.

4. Flowers and Shrubbery Around the Mailbox

For most properties the mailbox is the closest thing to the street, so there’s a great chance it’ll be noticed even before the home you’ve been working hard on. A mailbox that accents your home’s style—or simply planting a classic jet black one—will have potential buyers envisioning themselves receiving their own mail at their brand new home. Also important to consider is the area directly surrounding the mailbox; flowers and other greenery can work wonders in adding a touch of sophistication.

5. Accent the Porch

A few inexpensive rocking chairs or benches on the front porch can work wonders. By picking out a common accent color and rolling with it, you’ll be able to tie everything together into a cohesive composition. Don’t be afraid to be bold here; if you don’t like the way a certain piece of furniture turned out, you can always use it elsewhere. Succulents and other plants look great here, too.

With these simple techniques, you’ll leave everyone who’s laid eyes on your home with a great, lasting impression. By allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living amongst the thoughtful handiwork, you’ll drastically increase the probability of an outcome featuring two happy parties.