Memphis Landscape are proud to offer professional fence installation and repairs at competitive prices. Our experienced team will provide you with the quality craftsmanship and service we’re known for. To receive a free estimate or schedule a repair, click here and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. The types of fencing services Memphis Landscape provides are:

  • Privacy fence installation – 6ft or 8ft. We establishing a solid frame with 4×4’s, then custom build your sections with three 2×4 runners on each run. Our team uses only the highest quality materials to ensure the best, longest-lasting results.
  • Tear down and haul off. We will remove your old fence safely and effectively, then haul it off, giving you a fresh start for your property.
  • Custom built gates. We will build any custom gate to your specifications. Whether it’s a single gate for easy access, a double gate to back your boat into, or anything in between, we’ll work with you to provide exactly the solution you need.

Fence Installations

Fences are an attractive option to homeowners for several reasons: they increase yard privacy, reduce noise from neighbors and nearby streets, provide a safe enclosure for pets, and make a yard look more attractive. When you need a fence installed, you can trust our team to get the job right at affordable rates.

Privacy fence installation in Memphis

Privacy fences are typically made from tall, sturdy pieces of wood surrounding your yard or home. These fences not only provide an element of privacy and safety, but also have the added benefit of reducing noise and defining the perimeter of your property. While many homeowners envision having a privacy fence of their own, installing them from scratch can be a difficult task.

Correct installation of a privacy fence involves digging fence post holes, as well as aligning and plumbing posts. If there are obstacles such as trees or bushes that need to be moved or removed, rocks or tree roots underground where the posts need to go, or areas where the ground is not level, these steps become even more complicated. Adjustments often need to be made on the spot to ensure the fence remains level and straight.

When you want a privacy fence but aren’t sure if you can handle installing it, or simply don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, you can count on Memphis Landscape to give you the fence you want at the prices you desire.

Memphis Fence repairs

Over time, your privacy fence may need a few basic repairs to stay in good shape. Memphis Landscape offers professional fence repair as well as installation services. Fences can develop problems that need repaired in order to ensure your fence remains safe and solid. These repairs can often be a little tricky!  Our expert team is able to handle issues with a number of different styles of fencing. We’ll have your fence repaired and looking great in no time at all!