Summer heat will leave you dripping with sweat and brimming with discomfort if left unchecked. We might be almost into September, but you know that Memphis heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! So don’t let the sun’s unjust punishment reign over your own property when plenty of options exist for cooling your yard, opening it up for all kinds of summer fun and relaxation. Here are four landscaping options that’ll have you leaned back in the shade, sipping a tall glass of iced tea in no time:


Summer Landscaping in MemphisA good pergola provides the same functional benefits of a gazebo while boasting more versatility of style and, often, a more reasonable price-tag. Most come with removable textile roofs to provide comprehensive shade when needed, and easy storage without disassembly of the entire pergola structure. This allows you to keep the pergola up year-round without worrying about it getting rained on or taken away in the wind. Also, we think they just look cool.

Reasonably-priced models with styles to fit almost any yard abound.

Summer Landscaping in MemphisShade Trees

Okay, so planting a shade tree might not give you immediate relief, but your future self will definitely thank present you for planting a nice poplar or oak. Nuttall, or pin oaks, are said to be the fastest growing oak trees and provide an expansive, luscious canopy ripe for sitting under on hot August days. They thrive in Memphis’s climate, so they’ll grow fast and strong with proper care. Also, they look wonderful, with outstretched limbs swathed in deep-green leaves that turn to a burning red in the fall.

Awninged Patios

Summer Landscaping in MemphisPatios are the king of features when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Imagine cooking out with a group of close friends, all gathered around the grill enjoying cold drinks and a breeze. This can’t really happen without an awning to provide some respite from the sun. There’re tons of options at all kinds of price points, so an awinged patio is certainly something to be considered!


The previous summer-beating solutions are meant to shield you from the sun, but a pool’s a different animal entirely. I don’t have to explain how fun a pool is for most everyone; it’s a destination that provides both entertainment and relaxation in one. What many people don’t realize is that they can actually be an asset in terms of landscaping. An above- or in-ground pool with a bit of shrubbery and/or rockwork can really turn
your backyard into a summer true oasis.

Summer Landscaping in MemphisWith some ideas in mind about great summer landscaping, you can consider what options work best for your own space and budget. None of these solutions have to be bank-breaking, but they’ll all provide as much escape as the summer is long. We’re happy to help, so give us a call at (901) 343-6400.