Good water drainage can be obtained with a professional assessment and a few simple steps.

Be sure that rain water is flowing away from your home quickly and consistently. Otherwise your lawn will rot, your gardens won’t thrive and your yard will become a nesting ground for pests. Stagnant or standing water is especially dangerous, as is water draining against your home. The last thing you need is that water leaking into your house and causing damage.


French Drainage Systems

French drainage systems are popular and don’t disturb your final landscaping design. A French drain consists of a slotted or perforated pipe that is surrounded by gravel and serves to collect water, carrying it away. These are especially helpful if water is draining back to your home as they can be installed along a foundation or near the base of your home, directing the water away and beyond the house. Once installed, they are covered with soil and sod so that they disappear from view.


Dry Wells

Dry wells are another option. Essentially deep holes filled with gravel or larger rocks, dry wells direct water deep into the ground, past any compacted or heavy soil. They can be installed at the end of drainage pipes or eaves trough systems.


Trench Drains

Trench drains or dry beds are also a popular and simple option for many Memphis water drainage issues. They consist of trenches dug into your lawn that are filled with attractive stones and work to direct the water away. Often they can be designed to compliment your landscape and gardens and help to lend an ordered appearance to your yard while maintaining good water drainage.

Whether your yard needs soil improvement or permanent drainage systems installed, your drainage issues will be well looked after by Memphis Landscape. That way you can enjoy healthy grass and gardens while protecting your home from water damage. Look after any water issues right away and rest in these solutions.

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