What do you think? Can we finally say it’s fall in Memphis? Temperatures are cooler, Christmas is quickly approaching, and the leaves have started turning at last. They’re also beginning to fall, which can leave a big mess in your yard. That’s why Memphis Landscape is happy to offer you our fall cleanup services!

memphis landscape llc memphis landscaping fall cleanup servicesPlanning for next year’s planting might not the first thing you think of when cooler weather hits. But one of the best ways to successfully maintain your yard year-round is a thorough fall cleanup. By removing dying flowers as you see them, keeping leaves raked and shrubs pruned back, you can keep you garden neat and tidy until springtime.

Basic preparation for the winter can be taken care of gradually over the fall months by tackling a few chores weekly. But there’s no better way to kick-start that than by having Memphis Landscape do the hardest work first!

Fall Cleanup Services by Memphis Landscape

The most common fall cleanup services we offer our residential and commercial clients are:

Shrub Pruning

Many of us have shrubs around our homes and aren’t always sure of the best way to protect them from cold. Professional landscaping ensures appropriate winter protection so they’re not damaged over the winter months. The shrub pruning services provided by Memphis Landscape assures proper cutting methods are used, resulting in beautiful shrubs in the spring!

Bed Cleaning

Flower and landscape beds are easy to maintain in the summer months. However, in the fall, leaves from nearby trees drop, the weather turns cooler, and rainy days increase. This can cause mold, which can damage your mulch and plants, and even affect allergies. Bed cleaning protects your plants and your soil. Our fall cleanup services give you the best canvas possible for your spring landscaping ideas.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal can be a large task for property owners, especially in Memphis! Leaf blowers are an option, as well as good old fashioned raking, but disposing of those collected leaves can sometimes be problematic. Leaf removal services from Memphis Landscape take the hassle out of leaf collection and removal, leaving you with time to enjoy doing the things you love.

Memphis Landscape

Here at Memphis Landscape, we provide a careful balance between your specific landscape goals and your budget. Our fall cleanup services ensure your shrubs are pruned and ready for the colder winter months. We also attend to your landscape beds, making sure they’re cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, which prevents mold and fungus from growing. And sprucing your yard up to show off all those Christmas decorations is a snap with our leaf removal and collection services!

If you’re looking for the best way to keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the fall and winter months, Memphis Landscape is the local answer you’ve been looking for. Our fall cleanup services are all your property needs to keep it in tip-top shape this season — and all year long. Get in touch with us today and let us take care of all your fall and winter landscaping needs!