In the dead of winter it may have seemed like the cold days would never end, but now the warmer temperatures will be here sooner than we think. Green shoots will begin sprouting from the ground and buds will start forming on branches. The transition from winter to spring is a welcome change of seasons. As we wait for spring’s arrival, we can help give your landscape a head start. Sometimes it is easy to forget about landscaping maintenance during the winter months. The grass and weeds are not growing like they do in the spring and summer, and your property might be covered in snow during this time. While you might be tempted to just ignore your landscaping, and wait until spring arrives to deal with it then, that would be a mistake. You do not want your landscaping to fall too far behind. So call us at Memphis Landscape and we will get your lawn and landscape ready for spring and summer! We have compiled this list of necessary tasks for a successful growing season.


Late winter is a great time to have us do some pruning in order to prepare your trees and shrubs for the upcoming warmer weather. Professional pruning will promote new growth in the year ahead. We will trim back limbs that have been allowed to grow too long or too thick.  Pruning will reward you with great looking trees later in the year.

Lawn Check

We have had a lot of snow this winter, and one of the troubles your lawn faces at the onset of spring is snow mold, which becomes visible after heavy snowfalls. Thawing snow could reveal that your lawn has some snow mold. There are two main types of snow mold: pink and gray. They usually look like dead patches of grass with some fuzzy fungus on top. If you do notice some on your lawn, we will perform a combing process so the individual blades of grass can get some oxygen. This will help combat the snow mold. In addition, worm infestations in your lawn can lead to serious damage.  It is important to let us treat this problem before these critters begin to thrive in the warmer weather.

Memphis Landscape lawn

Winter Recovery

Some branches or leaves of your evergreen bushes and shrubs may have died, so let us clean up the damaged plants around your property. They impede growth in the upcoming season, and we want to see your plants flourish in the upcoming season.


Did you have us make preparations for the winter freeze last fall, such as winterizing your sprinkler system? If so, now is a good time to have us come out and restart your system for you. We will drain and test your irrigation system to make sure no problems have developed while the system was laying dormant. You do not want to get into the middle of the warm weather only to find out that your sprinkler system is no longer working, so do what you can now to get ready in advance!


Adding some pre-emergent products to your lawn and garden beds prior to the weeds getting started for the year can put you ahead of the game. Using pre-emergents will keep weeds to a minimum. We can also add a slow-release fertilizer for you, so your lawn is full and lush all spring and summer long.

Big Cuts

Do you have any plants which have outgrown their space and need to be cut back significantly? These kinds of cuts are similar to pruning, but they are more drastic in measure. This is a good time of year to cut back on some of your trees and shrubs that have taken over a walkway or patio, as they will begin sprouting new growth in the months ahead. Memphis Landscape is professionally licensed to handle these types of large projects.


February and March are the best time to install hardscapes. Most gardens benefit greatly from having one. Paths, patios, water features, and fireplaces help make a garden not only more usable but also beautiful. If you already have hardscapes like sidewalks, walkways, and driveways—they have taken a beating during the cold weather. Extreme temperature changes can cause concrete to expand and crack. If you have had to use a lot of salt to melt ice and snow, the excessive salt accumulation can wear away at surfaces. If it looks like they need a little repair, now is the time to do it!

Memphis Lawn

Planting New Life

Once we are very confident that the last big freeze or snowfall of the winter is behind us, there is no reason to wait to put new plantings in the ground. To bring your property to a new level this year, take an overall look around at your landscaping and decide where you think you should add a few new elements, and we will be out to plant them for you!

Late winter and early spring is a good time to contact us to schedule projects for the late spring and summer months. At Memphis Landscape, our team combines superior design skills with horticultural expertise to customize each landscaping project we do in the Mid-South area. We want to work with each client to understand their unique landscape vision. We strive to formulate a plan that will enhance the architectural style of the client’s home.  We also desire to exceed each client’s expectations through an understanding of their lifestyle requirements, plant preferences, and budget constraints. Call us today to have that garden and lawn you have always wanted!