Current Trends in Landscape Design

Whether you are purchasing a new home or you are looking to update your current home, you probably want it composite decking style, that you’re are proud of. You want a place that you use to get away from the toils of the outside world and enjoy the company of your friends and family.  Having a front and backyard that reflects your personality is what makes landscape design such an exciting adventure.  The designer has to find the balance between form and functionality and what matches your desires.  That being said, there are many stylish landscape designs to fit any homeowner’s dream.  Having an experienced landscape designer is important to not only help you decipher what attractive designs to employ but also how to make them work cohesively in your yard. Memphis Landscape has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on what classic or modern landscape designs to employ in your front and backyard to fit your lifestyle. 

Personalized for your Comfort

Most homeowners are looking to make their experience outside specially customized for them.  Depending on what you are looking for this can include anywhere from an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, water garden or a beautiful patio. Making the yard a place where you can enjoy any activity or just relax with friends and family is the goal of a professional landscaper.

Tech in the Garden

Landscape lighting in Memphis yard

Everyone loves today’s technology; it can make life so much easier and entertaining. But when we are without some of that handy tech, we can feel a bit handicapped in our life.  We have the ability to use it freely around the home, and now homeowners want the freedom to use their tech outside the house as well. Landscape designers have heard the call and are starting to incorporate the ability to use technology outside.  This means putting TVs and stereos up to enjoy the football game or music around the patio.  Another comfort is being about to use the wifi on any of their devices while outside, so now people are putting up wifi routers outside as well. You may want to light up your yard at night; there are now solar panel lights that you can put around your yard without the hassle of any wiring.

Locally Grown

Landscaping TrendsNowadays people are looking less for the exotic plants and shrubs from around the world and focusing more on what grows locally. Having exotic flowers or trees is nice, but they require a lot of care.  Some may not do well in the Memphis heat or the random ice storms we have in the winter/spring.  Professional landscapers look for the right kind of plants that will thrive in your native climate.  It will mean less upkeep for you and more time enjoying the yard.  A Lot of people are looking into shrubs and plants that benefit the lawn as a whole. Some plants can help keep away bugs and insects, while other plants and grasses perform better with water absorption and runoff. Ask your landscaper what kind of turf is best for your lawn.

Beauty and Function

Current Landscaping Trends

Having a beautiful backyard that serves both the function of beauty and relaxation is great but what can make it even better is one that feeds you as well.  Planting herbs and vegetables is not only an excellent way to keep your yard beautiful but keep your family healthy as well.  This a perfect addition to that outside kitchen you have; now you can just pick what you want right from the garden.  Herbs do not take a lot of upkeep, and it’s always nice to have fresh produce when seasoning your favorite dish.  Vegetables can take a bit of work with the amount of sunlight or watering needed, but your professional landscaper should be more than capable of assisting you.  

Water is Life

Once you have your dream front or backyard, the next step is keeping it alive.  In Memphis, we are all too familiar with the heavy rain in the spring and the dry, unforgivingly hot summers.  The water runoff from the spring can sometimes ruin your flowers and lawn. In the summer, you might not have enough water to make sure that the garden and yard live to the next year.  That’s why it’s important to think about water irrigation and management system around your yard.

Landscapers have been employing these tools for many years, but nowadays most people are thinking of how to make it fit in with their yard instead of hiding them behind bushes or trees.  Ways that you can conserve water and halt runoff for your shrubs and garden is to incorporate water barrels or catch basins and make them a beautiful part of the yard. You may also want to look into French drains; they are easily concealed and perfect for protecting your lawn from water runoff.

Also having an efficient irrigation system is an important part of having a healthy yard. It will allow you to maintain your lawn and garden during those dry summers.  Being eco-friendly is a popular trend that many homeowners are embracing. You may want to look into a drip-irrigation system.

Classic vs. Modern Styles

There are many methods that you can decorate and center your yard around. Professional landscapers know all the new and traditional techniques that can help make your dream garden come true, whether it’s classic, modern, or maybe even one of the more popular trends that meld the old and newer styles together.  Whatever your desire is your landscaper will be there to assist through the process.

Memphis Landscaping has a knowledgeable and experienced team that would be happy to help you with any of your landscaping needs. If you are in the Greater Memphis Area, please give us so that we can come by and give you a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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