Caring For Your Lawn In Memphis

by Johnny Adelmamn

The world of adulthood introduces us all to an entirely new realm of responsibilities. One of the biggest changes we often face in our early adulthood is transitioning from living at home, in a professionally maintained apartment, or another living facility in which you aren’t encumbered with the stress of managing and sustaining your own lawn.


Whether you’re in the exciting process of owning or renting your very first home or you are just looking to improve your lawn maintenance efforts this season, Memphis Landscape is here to guide you in giving your lawn the best care possible. In light of helping you better understand how to tend to your yard most optimally, take a look at these three FAQs about lawn maintenance:

How often should you mow your lawn?

As always, the amount of time you put into tending to your landscape depends on your desired results and a variety of other factors. For instance, summertime can be a little bit more demanding in terms of how often you should pull out your lawn mower. You can thank good ‘ole photosynthesis for your fast-growing grass this season; with the hot sun beaming over your grass for longer periods during the summer and providing us within all-around warmer and more humid climate, grass can grow as fast as six inches per month during hotter seasons. If you are aspiring for your grass to grow greener, it may be a good idea to mow it once every two weeks. This is due to the fact that the longer you allow your grass to grow, the greener it will be, and more likely it will be for it obtain its color after you mow. In other words, the more often you mow your grass, the greener it shall be.

Cooler months, as we experience during the fall and winter, however, often don’t require you to expend this much time mowing. In fact, most people in Memphis spend little to no time maintaining grass length during the winter, as the cold weather usually strips grass of its nutrients due to a drier climate and less water in its soil. It isn’t uncommon for grass to turn yellow during these months, or even for grass to stop growing altogether. Luckily, there are a few measures you can take to help your grass survive harsh weather conditions, such as using fertilizer and ridding your lawn of harmful debris.

How much grass should you be cutting?

This is a great question that can be answered with a rule of thumb: don’t cut more than ⅓ of your grass’ current length. Predictably, different types of grass require different types of care, but, generally, this rule applies to every strand. Cutting your grass any shorter than this is risky business, and In many situations, cutting your grass too short can be even more harmful to your landscape than not mowing it at all.  In most cases, this means you may have to mow your grass as often as once per week, depending on the settings offered on your lawnmower. The key to keeping your grass healthy is consistency; even if your grass is a little longer than you’d like, it’s important to continue only cutting ⅓ of its length until it has gradually decreased to the ideal height. 

Of course, what you envision for your landscape will determine how much and how often you mow the grass. A common misconception that baffles many who are trying to grow grass is that yellow grass is a cry for us to stop mowing for a while. However, when you mow less often, it usually only worsens the issue and prolongs the yellow tent and discoloration. This is because
the top of the blade is where the grass strands are always the greenest, so when you neglect mowing altogether and then finally resume your normal cutting schedule, the first thing to go is the healthiest part of the grass.


All in all, the best way to keep your yard healthy and your grass growing is to mow at a frequent and constant rate. Most experts recommend cutting a little bit at a time in order to maintain the grass’ health. Additionally, many people also try mulching to further advance their yard health and aesthetic. This involves cutting grass into small and fine pieces and forcing the new grass clippings down so that they may decompose more quickly. This process works to add moisture, limit weeds, and keep your grass growing at a steady and healthy rate.


When should you hire professional help?

It’s no secret that mowing the grass isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It can certainly be draining, time-consuming, and strenuous activity that many simply cannot do on their own. And although there are thousands of landscaping blogs accessible on the internet to guide the inexperienced, it can still be tricky to know exactly when to mow your grass and to measure the exact amount that you wish to cut. If your grass is hesitant to grow or remain healthy, or you simply are aiming for an impeccably green and properly cared for yard, it is probably of your best interest to look into hiring a professional. And of course, we believe your free time should be enjoyed doing the things you love, not worrying about the state of your lawn.

If you’re local to the Memphis area, we encourage you to contact us! Memphis Landscape provides top-notch, high-quality services at an affordable cost, and our expert landscaping professionals are equipped to handle even the peskiest and most defiant of lawns. So you can be certain your lawn care needs are in the hands of people that you can truly trust. And you don’t have to just take our word for it, read what our clients are saying!  


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Keeping Your Lawn Weed Free

by Johnny Adelmamn

memphis landscape weed removal Maintaining a healthy, weed-free lawn in Memphis can take some work. We want our lawns to be green, lush, and preferably not plagued with weeds. Unfortunately, our climate here is extremely conducive to weed growth, and if left untreated, weeds will take over a once healthy lawn in no time at all. The best way to deal with unruly weed growth is to keep the problem from taking root in the first place, but that’s often easier said than done!

When it comes to keeping your lawn weed-free in Memphis, you have a couple of options. You can hire an experienced landscape management team like Memphis Landscape to provide weeding services, in which we provide the routine removal of unwanted and undesirable plants from your property. Or you could go the DIY route, by keeping your lawn properly fed, watered, and mowed, making it a less friendly habitat for weeds.

Here are some steps you can take on your own to keep your lawn looking lush and weed-free.

Step 1

Pull large weeds like dandelions, shepherd’s purse, and henbit out by hand before they get the chance to bloom and are able to reseed themselves into your lawn. It’s much easier to get rid of weeds if you can catch them at the start of their growing process.

Step 2

Apply an herbicide designed specifically for lawn weeds onto your lawn. You will usually be able to find either granular or liquid herbicide.  Whichever you choose, be sure to follow the directions on the packaging when applying.

Try not to have a heavy hand, as too much of any herbicide can kill the good grass you want to live. It’s also worth reading the package before you purchase to make sure the herbicide is designed to treat your particular grass.

Step 3

Mow your grass regularly, but take care not to cut the grass too low. A height of about 2.5 inches is ideal. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s always better to cut the grass too high rather than too low. If you routinely cut your grass too low, it will have a scalping effect, opening your lawn up for disease and sometimes death, which then frees the area up for weeds to take root.

Step 4

Water your lawn on a regular schedule with deep waterings as opposed to shallow. This will allow water to reach the entire root system and not just the surface. One easy way to measure this is to place an empty can into the middle of your lawn as it’s being watered. Once the can has filled with water, the lawn has received enough. Depending on the weather, particularly how hot it is, you should aim to water the lawn approximately two to three times per week.

Step 5

Fertilize your lawn on a regular basis to cut down on weeds and keep your yard healthy. Look for a fertilizer that’s designed specifically for the type of grass you have growing in your lawn. Most grass types require fertilizer 3-4 times per year to keep it in the best possible shape.

Weed management with Memphis Landscape

If you don’t feel like you have the time (or the desire!) to keep on top of weed removal by yourself, our experienced landscape management team here at Memphis Landscape have got you covered. Get in touch with us today to find out all the ways we can keep your lawn looking luxurious!


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Memphis Mowing and Lawn Maintenance

by Johnny Adelmamn

memphis landscape llc lawn maintenance spring lawnIt’s the middle of February here in the Mid-South, but you’d never know it by some of the weather we’ve been having lately! With temperatures well above normal for this time of year, we’re already thinking about the best ways to prepare our lawns for the sweltering summer we’re sure to have.

In Memphis, the biggest lawn care seasons are winter and summer. In order to prepare your lawn for the humid, steamy months ahead, spring lawn care is a must. Here are a few ways to give your lawn a good start for the greenest lawn on the block!


Spring lawn care in the South usually starts with overseeding. This is when you sow in a different variety of grass than what grows naturally out of your lawn. Many property owners will do this to help protect grass and make it grow green during the cold months. If you overseed the grass with cool season varieties before winter arrives, your lawn will be protected from the harshest effects of our dry, cold winters. Without overseeing, the warm season grass commonly found throughout the Mid-South will turn brown and dormant.

If you overseeded your lawn before winter, you can help prepare it for the spring season by:

  • Mowing the lawn as low as possible without hurting the permanent grass. Once a week is usually enough.
  • Cut back on irrigation to discourage the cold season grass variety from growing.
  • Don’t fertilize after February.
  • Once the season has turned consistently warm, reduce the rate of mowing and allow the grass to grow. This allows the cool season grass to grow out and be overpowered by the natural warm season grass.

If you didn’t overseed your lawn before the spring, here are some tips that you can follow before spring truly arrives:

  • Fertilize the lawn with a spring fertilizing treatment to help give the grass a push in growth.
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide as an early prevention step for those pesky summer weeds.
  • Once the temperatures warms to around 70°F consistently, increase your watering and irrigation schedule.
  • Restart a regular mowing schedule.
  • Dig up or spray non-grassy weeds with a broadleaf weed killer. It’s important to kill the weeds before they flower and set seeds for more weeds.

Spring lawn care in Memphis is generally focused on preparing it to handle the extreme heat of summer. Fertilizing, watering, and weed control should be done carefully to arm the grass against that heat while not overburdening it with excess chemicals.

Memphis mowing and lawn maintenance

We’ve given you some options for DIY spring lawn care, but what if you don’t have the time or the inclination to prep your lawn yourself? Memphis Landscape has got you covered with our Landscape Management services! Here’s a sample of what we offer clients:

  • Mowing – keeping your lawn neat and attractive
  • Edging – keeping lawn and plant borders clearly defined
  • Pruning – promoting proper shape and good health
  • Trimming – providing the consistent look to a well-maintained lawn
  • Debris Removal – keeping your landscape clean
  • Shearing – keeping hedges uniform and providing a more formal appearance
  • Weeding – routine removal of unwanted and undesirable plants

Our expert landscaping team have the knowledge and experience to serve a wide range of clients, from apartment complexes to HOAs and residential backyards. If you’re looking for a professional approach to your spring lawn care, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation. We take pride in creating a lawn that leaves a first impression you can be proud of! 


Landscape Design and How It Can Benefit Your Property Value

by Johnny Adelmamn

Landscape design is a term you might hear often, without knowing exactly what it is. Memphis Landscape is proud to offer landscape design as part of our services, so what does that mean for our clients?

What is landscape design?

memphis landscape llc outdoor landscape designPut simply, landscape design is a process that involves us working with clients to develop a customized landscape plan and then construct all the elements of that plan.

Modern landscape design integrates a wide variety of elements in order to achieve beautiful but functional spaces for outdoor living.

As professional landscape designers, we’re able to offer a broad range of planning and design services tailored to a wide variety of client needs. Outstanding design solutions are developed in a way that will help homeowners avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary confusion.

A professional landscape designer will generally address many topics with you during your initial consultation, such as

  • your budget
  • size of design area
  • soil conditions
  • available light conditions (sun and shade)
  • water requirements and drainage issues
  • privacy issues
  • maintenance expectations
  • irrigation
  • existing plant material
  • owner wants and needs
  • wind conditions
  • hardiness and zone
  • ease of access
  • local insects and diseases
  • owner’s style and personal design tastes

Whether you want a haven for wildlife, an educational and engaging play area for children, an exciting outdoor entertainment area, or a simple, quiet shady nook, a professional landscape design team can make your garden dreams come true while still considering all the practicalities. Our own landscape design services include retaining walls, flower bed design, arbor construction, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and many more areas of expertise. We’re dedicated to giving you a well-designed outdoor space that incorporates balance and harmony as key ingredients.

The benefits of landscape design

The benefits of professional landscape design are many and varied! A well-designed landscape can help cut your summer and winter energy costs, protect your home from winter wind and summer sun, and help control noise and air pollution.

Having a unique, creative, and visually appealing flow throughout your garden design will increase not only the enjoyment of your home and outdoor area, but the actual square footage of valuable, usable space.

While it isn’t necessarily a primary reason for professional landscaping design, “curb appeal” will add to your property’s value. With comprehensive planning and professional installation, outdoor living areas can be an excellent investment. Studies have shown that thoughtfully developed outdoor spaces can increase the value of a home up to twenty percent, as well as speed its sale up by as much as six weeks.

Landscape design in Memphis, TN.

Our professional design team can take you from concept to completion while eliminating all the stress and worry of trying to landscape your backyard by yourself. Investing in your outdoor space is not only great for your home value, but it can help create an oasis of comfort that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.

Memphis Landscape is careful to provide a balance between design and installation, while factoring in the specific goals and budget of our clients. This is a valuable process that enables us to make any adjustments during construction to ensure that the final product results in everything our clients have envisioned, while staying within their stated budget goals. This is the perfect time to start thinking about spring and summer plans for your garden and outdoor living spaces! Get in touch with us today to learn how we can create the landscape design of your dreams.


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Winter Landscaping Projects in Memphis

by Johnny Adelmamn

This past week, Memphis has seen wind chills in the single digits, so we know that landscaping is probably the last thing on your mind! But if you’re starting to feel a little bit of cabin fever set in, there are plenty of winter landscaping projects you can take on to prepare for the warmer months ahead. From general lawn care to elements of design, we’ve put together a handful of ideas you can implement now to give you a healthier yard once the flowers and showers of spring show up.

memphis landscape midsouth landscaping winter landscapeRemove Leaves and Debris

Here in the MidSouth, we’re blessed with an abundance of beautiful trees. But with that beauty comes a whole lot of leaves falling once fall arrives! A lawn that’s covered in leaves, sticks, and other debris will keep the vulnerable grass blades below from receiving the sunlight they need. This can cause problems with your lawn’s overall growth and health.

Taking a few hours every weekend to rake up and remove leaves and debris will keep your lawn from becoming dull, brown, and patchy. As an added bonus, you’ll get yourself some fresh air and some much needed vitamin D!

Trim Trees and Shrubs

If you have any hostas, peonies, or daisies hanging out around your porch or your yard, you might consider trimming them now. These kinds of perennial plants do well when they’re pruned in the dormant months of winter. Winter is also a great time to prune your shrubs and hedges, as well as evergreen and deciduous trees.

Be sure you’re pruning your trees properly, though. Inspect any trees beforehand and observe all safety precautions. If the tree is especially large, or the branches are in an awkward spot, we recommended you hire a professional.


Adding mulch earlier in the winter will help shield the ground from the season’s cold winds. Clear your planting beds of leaves and any other debris, then spread the mulch down about 1.5-2 inches thick. Take care to not place the mulch too close to the trunk of the shrub, tree, or plant, though, as this can trap moisture and cause rotting.

Protect Early Blooming Flowers

There are some plants that tend to bloom earlier in the year, such as rhododendrons, poppies, camellias, and daphne. Memphis is known for its cold snaps well into March, so if you’re worried about these types of flowers staying warm through our weird weather, stake them for stability and then cover them with burlap for warmth. This will keep them toasty warm until the true sunny springtime days return!

Add Exciting Features

Let’s face it, just about everybody’s yard looks a little sad and empty over the winter. Combat those boring blues by adding a pop of color with details or some sculptural eye candy! To keep your lawn from looking bleak and barren in the dead of winter, you’ll want to choose elements that aren’t living, and are therefore not susceptible to the cold.  Walkways, water features, sculptures, and seating can brighten your garden without relying on sunshine or warmth.

If you’d prefer to keep it natural, plant an evergreen trees or shrubs with berries to add some color and vibrancy to the yard. Doing this early in the season using a hardy specimen will give you the best results.

Winter landscaping projects with Memphis Landscape

While these winter landscaping projects are easy enough for the most amateur garden enthusiast to handle, remember that Memphis Landscape has highly trained experts that are great at making your lawn and garden look their best. We don’t focus only on what you can see today, but on all the details that decide how your landscape will look in the future!

If you’re looking to get a head start on your spring landscaping, get in touch with our team today to discuss what we can do for you. With a customized landscape plan that factors in your specific goals and your budget, we look forward to working with you and your vision!

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Fall Cleanup Services by Memphis Landscape

by Johnny Adelmamn

What do you think? Can we finally say it’s fall in Memphis? Temperatures are cooler, Christmas is quickly approaching, and the leaves have started turning at last. They’re also beginning to fall, which can leave a big mess in your yard. That’s why Memphis Landscape is happy to offer you our fall cleanup services!

memphis landscape llc memphis landscaping fall cleanup servicesPlanning for next year’s planting might not the first thing you think of when cooler weather hits. But one of the best ways to successfully maintain your yard year-round is a thorough fall cleanup. By removing dying flowers as you see them, keeping leaves raked and shrubs pruned back, you can keep you garden neat and tidy until springtime.

Basic preparation for the winter can be taken care of gradually over the fall months by tackling a few chores weekly. But there’s no better way to kick-start that than by having Memphis Landscape do the hardest work first!

Fall Cleanup Services by Memphis Landscape

The most common fall cleanup services we offer our residential and commercial clients are:

Shrub Pruning

Many of us have shrubs around our homes and aren’t always sure of the best way to protect them from cold. Professional landscaping ensures appropriate winter protection so they’re not damaged over the winter months. The shrub pruning services provided by Memphis Landscape assures proper cutting methods are used, resulting in beautiful shrubs in the spring!

Bed Cleaning

Flower and landscape beds are easy to maintain in the summer months. However, in the fall, leaves from nearby trees drop, the weather turns cooler, and rainy days increase. This can cause mold, which can damage your mulch and plants, and even affect allergies. Bed cleaning protects your plants and your soil. Our fall cleanup services give you the best canvas possible for your spring landscaping ideas.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal can be a large task for property owners, especially in Memphis! Leaf blowers are an option, as well as good old fashioned raking, but disposing of those collected leaves can sometimes be problematic. Leaf removal services from Memphis Landscape take the hassle out of leaf collection and removal, leaving you with time to enjoy doing the things you love.

Memphis Landscape

Here at Memphis Landscape, we provide a careful balance between your specific landscape goals and your budget. Our fall cleanup services ensure your shrubs are pruned and ready for the colder winter months. We also attend to your landscape beds, making sure they’re cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, which prevents mold and fungus from growing. And sprucing your yard up to show off all those Christmas decorations is a snap with our leaf removal and collection services

If you’re looking for the best way to keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the fall and winter months, Memphis Landscape is the local answer you’ve been looking for. Our fall cleanup services are all your property needs to keep it in tip-top shape this season — and all year long. Get in touch with us today and let us take care of all your fall and winter landscaping needs!
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Fire Pit As Part Of Your Landscaping

by Johnny Adelmamn

We’ve certainly been enjoying all this extra time in our backyards, taking advantage of these warmer days! We’ve kept the grill going and the family outside, and bet you have, too. It seems like we’re in the middle of a never-ending summer here in Memphis, but sooner or later, fall will truly arrive. The fun doesn’t have to end once the weather cools off, though! Adding a fire pit as part of your landscaping will allow you to continue enjoying the use of your backyard all the way into winter.

memphis landscape fire pits professional landscape design memphisWarmth and light

Having a professionally designed fire pit installed by Memphis Landscape will extend the season of your outdoor living area by several months. The flickering light is reminiscent of a campfire, and with cozy seating nearby, you’ll be inviting intimate and relaxed storytelling under the stars. 

Not only that, but fire pits provide warmth, light, and ambiance. They’re also great for s’more making! As a natural gathering spot, fire pits mean you can keep your socializing outdoors. There’s no need to take the party inside when you’ve added a well-placed fire pit as part of your landscaping!

Focal point

Professionally installed fire pits by Memphis Landscape can also serve as an important focal point in your outdoor design. Not only does it draw attention to your backyard space, but when placed where it can be seen from inside, it can be enjoyed from the indoors as well. More bang for your buck, who can argue with that?

Professional installation

Now, we know that it’s entirely possible to buy a pre-made fire pit, or build one yourself. You may be asking yourself what benefits come with hiring professional landscapers to do something you feel like you can DIY pretty easily.

Having Memphis Landscape add a fire pit as part of your landscaping means our experienced team will help you determine

  • the pros and cons of the various fire pit fuel options, including gas, propane, wood, and ethanol
  • the best location for your fire pit, considering factors such as convenience, space, availability, and overall safety
  • the best size for your fire pit, depending on how many people you plan to accommodate and how much room you’ll need for outdoor seating and unrestricted traffic flow
  • how local building codes may impact where you can locate your fire pit as well as when you can use it and what types of wood you can burn
  • the cost ranges for various types of fire pits and how to choose the right style for your budget

Fire pits by Memphis Landscape

At Memphis Landscape, our goal is to maintain a high standard of quality and pride in all of our landscaping projects, taking your unique vision and turning it into an outdoor space you want to show off. Adding a professionally designed and installed fire pit as part of your landscaping will take your backyard from sufficient to showcase!

Our expert knowledge and experience allow us to serve a wide range of clients, from apartment complexes to HOAs and residential backyards. Our crew are capable of designing a beautiful landscape that we can take as much pride in as you will. If you’re interested in fire pits, or any of the other services Memphis Landscape offer, please get in touch with us today!

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3 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

by Johnny Adelmamn

Landscape lighting in Memphis yardAlthough the days are getting shorter and the leaves are slowly falling, there’s one way you can brighten up the exterior of your home this fall and winter season – landscape lighting by Memphis Landscape!

Landscape lighting has been growing in popularity for some time. It impacts the safety, security, and appearance of your home. Not only that, homes with landscape lighting display the amenities of your yard while also potentially increasing the overall market value of your property.

1.  Improving the appearance of your home and property

Adding professional landscape lighting definitely increases the curb appeal of your home. Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment can be magical, with a warm, inviting glow. It can create mood, romance, and drama, and interest to any setting.

Show off recent home improvements with effectively-placed lighting! Or, if you’re selling your house and haven’t had much luck, highlighting both the interior and exterior of your property can be attractive to potential buyers.

In fact, a growing number of homeowners are “nightscaping”, a hot trend in outdoor home improvement that capitalizes on this magical lighting. Lighting really can be one of the most important aspects of landscaping, even though it’s often overlooked or underdone.

2. Increased Safety and Functionality

Your walkway serves a purpose at all times of day, even after the sun sets. Landscape lighting can help prevent common accidents that are easily avoidable, like tripping over a poorly lit path. Adequate lighting also provides additional safety for anyone entering the home after dark.

For pool owners, installing lights around your swimming pool is an added safety precaution that’s definitely worth taking.

3. Added Home Security

According to data from a recent FBI Crime Report, a burglary occurs in the United States every 15 seconds. Although a good home security system is generally the first line of defense in preventing home intrusions, landscape lighting can discourage intruders from even approaching your property. Not many burglars want to be identified trespassing on your well-lit property!

If you’re looking for additional ways to deter unwanted guests from trying to enter your home, assess the areas around your house that could potentially be vulnerable to intruders. Contact Memphis Landscape today to speak with our experienced team about your options.

Landscape Lighting by Memphis Landscape

With well-planned landscape lighting, you’ll be able to use your yard space far longer, even as the days get shorter and shorter. Our team of landscape experts will enhance your outdoor living environment, extending the hours of enjoyment you and your family can spend outdoors. This well-placed lighting also provides extra safety and security.

We’ll help you create extra curb appeal and added value to your home with our well-designed lighting. Just as your indoor lights create a mood inside your home, our team at Memphis Landscape can create a warm, inviting feel for the spaces surrounding your house.

Here at Memphis Landscape we specialize in landscape design, construction and maintenance services. We take pride in our work so that you can take pride in your residence or office! For more information on landscape lighting for your home, get in touch with us today. Let our pros help your landscaping look its very best!

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Summer Landscaping to Beat the Memphis Heat

by Johnny Adelmamn

Summer heat will leave you dripping with sweat and brimming with discomfort if left unchecked. We might be almost into September, but you know that Memphis heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! So don’t let the sun’s unjust punishment reign over your own property when plenty of options exist for cooling your yard, opening it up for all kinds of summer fun and relaxation. Here are four landscaping options that’ll have you leaned back in the shade, sipping a tall glass of iced tea in no time:


Summer Landscaping in MemphisA good pergola provides the same functional benefits of a gazebo while boasting more versatility of style and, often, a more reasonable price-tag. Most come with removable textile roofs to provide comprehensive shade when needed, and easy storage without disassembly of the entire pergola structure. This allows you to keep the pergola up year-round without worrying about it getting rained on or taken away in the wind. Also, we think they just look cool.

Reasonably-priced models with styles to fit almost any yard abound.

Summer Landscaping in MemphisShade Trees

Okay, so planting a shade tree might not give you immediate relief, but your future self will definitely thank present you for planting a nice poplar or oak. Nuttall, or pin oaks, are said to be the fastest growing oak trees and provide an expansive, luscious canopy ripe for sitting under on hot August days. They thrive in Memphis’s climate, so they’ll grow fast and strong with proper care. Also, they look wonderful, with outstretched limbs swathed in deep-green leaves that turn to a burning red in the fall.

Awninged Patios

Summer Landscaping in MemphisPatios are the king of features when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Imagine cooking out with a group of close friends, all gathered around the grill enjoying cold drinks and a breeze. This can’t really happen without an awning to provide some respite from the sun. There’re tons of options at all kinds of price points, so an awinged patio is certainly something to be considered!


The previous summer-beating solutions are meant to shield you from the sun, but a pool’s a different animal entirely. I don’t have to explain how fun a pool is for most everyone; it’s a destination that provides both entertainment and relaxation in one. What many people don’t realize is that they can actually be an asset in terms of landscaping. An above- or in-ground pool with a bit of shrubbery and/or rockwork can really turn
your backyard into a summer true oasis.

Summer Landscaping in MemphisWith some ideas in mind about great summer landscaping, you can consider what options work best for your own space and budget. None of these solutions have to be bank-breaking, but they’ll all provide as much escape as the summer is long. We’re happy to help, so give us a call at (901) 343-6400.

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5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Memphis Curb Appeal

by Johnny Adelmamn

5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Memphis Curb Appeal

When selling a house in the Memphis area, you’ll be competing to be seen amidst the well-manicured lawns of swanky midtown neighborhoods. While this can certainly be intimidating for anyone selling a property, it’s important to note that landscaping is well worth the time and effort when considering your return on investment. One Virginia Tech study showed that a yard with a “sophisticated design”–in other words, great Memphis curb appeal–can increase the value of a home by up to 42%.

Improving Your Memphis Curb Appeal

Contrary to what you might think, a sophisticated landscape doesn’t have to break the bank and can be achieved with a few simple techniques. These 5 things can dramatically improve your Memphis curb appeal.

1. Greenery

Potential homebuyers want to be able to identify with your property, but nobody wants to spend hours every week maintaining a needy landscape. Because of this, the face of your home needs to have a magnetic personality without too much upkeep. A few simple changes—the addition of shrubbery and low-maintenance flowers, along with the trimming or removal of overhanging trees—can go a long way towards creating impressive Memphis curb appeal that attracts buyers.

2. Trees, Trees, and More Trees

A nice, shady tree does wonders in regards to increasing the resale value of your home. Real estate agents almost universally agree that good landscaping can help you seal a sale faster, and planting trees is one of the simplest ways to achieve this! A few good shade trees can help boost the value of your home by up to 28%, according to John Harris, a leading landscape economist.

3. Fresh Sod

Dark, rich sod can give any garden a healthy look. Besides the obvious benefit it’ll provide for your plants, the deep color provides a great contrast to your lawn and flowers. It’s as easy as heading to the nearest hardware store to add a great undertone to your home’s landscape.

4. Flowers and Shrubbery Around the Mailbox

For most properties the mailbox is the closest thing to the street, so there’s a great chance it’ll be noticed even before the home you’ve been working hard on. A mailbox that accents your home’s style—or simply planting a classic jet black one—will have potential buyers envisioning themselves receiving their own mail at their brand new home. Also important to consider is the area directly surrounding the mailbox; flowers and other greenery can work wonders in adding a touch of sophistication.

5. Accent the Porch

A few inexpensive rocking chairs or benches on the front porch can work wonders. By picking out a common accent color and rolling with it, you’ll be able to tie everything together into a cohesive composition. Don’t be afraid to be bold here; if you don’t like the way a certain piece of furniture turned out, you can always use it elsewhere. Succulents and other plants look great here, too.

With these simple techniques, you’ll leave everyone who’s laid eyes on your home with a great, lasting impression. By allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living amongst the thoughtful handiwork, you’ll drastically increase the probability of an outcome featuring two happy parties.

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